Founder and investor Hrayr Melkonyan answers questions about Goght Urban Valley

Founder and investor Hrayr Melkonyan answers questions about Goght Urban Valley

Founder and investor Hrayr Melkonyan has extensive business experience, having managed the cargo terminal at Zvartnots International Airport, the financial services division of Rusal Armenal CJSC, and investments in the energy sector (small hydroelectric plants) and agriculture in Armenia (horticulture and fish farming).


Today he answered questions from clients about the Goght Urban Valley project.


What was the inspiration behind Goght Urban Valley?

We had a great desire to create a place where everyone can live comfortably while enjoying the environment. Our valley has a large green area which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the amazing nature. The area will not be cluttered with buildings. The houses will have a maximum of 2 floors and will not be huge. In this way, we preserve for our residents the authenticity and comfort of this beautiful valley, which became a favourite summer residence of the kings who ruled this heritage after Urartu Argishti I.

Although our beautiful gardens have centuries of tradition, our valley will use modern technology and landscaping techniques to create the perfect balance between the enrichment of the natural heritage and the modern needs of the residents. This means that every resident will be able to fulfil their needs without leaving Goght Urban Valley and fill their senses with the wonderful sensations of walking, swimming and cycling in a gorgeous area.


What do you see as the advantages of living and investing in Goght Urban Valley compared to other regions?

First of all, Gokht is a very ecological region of Armenia. There are no industrial factories, quarries or large cities, which gives our valley an advantage over other areas.

Secondly, this region is developing very fast. Compared to 2007, a lot of green areas have been added. Many people are planting their lands, enriching and greening the area. Also, due to the increase of tourism, the service sector is developing, offering various services, restaurants, etc., as Gokht, Garni, Geghard is one of the top tourist destinations in Armenia.


What unique features of your project would you like to highlight?

Our project is unique. No one has ever done such a project in Armenia. No one is building a cottage town on the territory of 75 hectares, investing as we are doing. We are not after profit, we use part of the land we could develop and sell as public space, like pond, amphitheatre, football field, playgrounds, tennis court, bike paths and more. People who believe in our idea and buy villas in our village will not regret it because they will always have a large green area and comfortable living conditions. For the residents of our village we also offer a wide range of services.


What will happen to the trees that will not remain in the Gohta Green Zone?

From the part of the site where the houses and infrastructure are going to be built, we will be handing over all the fertile trees for further replanting. We hope they will take root elsewhere and be useful in the future. There will also be new tree planting in the area.


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