Your new lifestyle full of harmony and peace

Your new lifestyle full of harmony and peace

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  • 70
    Total area
    in hectares
  • 120
  • 70
  • 55
    Hectares of
    green zone

About the project

This is a unique combination and mixture of urban culture and eco-friendly environment, merger of past and future. The idea of ​​the Goght Urban Valley brand is based on the fusion of the images of Armenian king Argisht's helmet and the Armenian sweet apricot growing in Goght.
It is well known that in the 8th century BC, the powerful king of Urartu Argishti I conjoined this region to the Armenian kingdom continuously building and developing it, which later became a favorite summer residence of the kings.
Thanks to this project, a new settlement with 21st century urban comfort and infrastructure is being built on the land which still keeps the spirit and breath of Armenian kings after milleniums.
About the project

Property selection

Villa A1 Villa A1
Villa A1
One-storey private house, total area 130 sq.m, 2 bedroom, land area 650 sq.m
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Villa A2 Villa A2
Villa A2
One-storey private house, total area 158 sq.m, 3 bedroom, land area 650 sq.m
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Villa B1 Villa B1
Villa B1
Two-storey private house, total area 164 sq.m, 3 bedroom, land area 650 sq.m
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Villa B2 Villa B2
Villa B2
Two-storey private house, total area 214 sq.m, 4 bedroom. land area 650 sq.m
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Two-store residental house Two-store residental house
Two-store residental house
10 apartments with an area of 44-49 sq.m in a two-story residential complex
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Sales map

Sales map
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30 km from Yerevan, in a rich historical and cultural environment, at the foot of the Khosrov Forest Reserve, with a magnificent view of Mountain Ararat.
Management of the project in compliance with international standards
Starting from initiation and planning to implementation, control, monitoring and closing of the project.
Facilities for urban life style
A great opportunity to lead an urban life in the countryside: amphitheatre, co-working space, restaurant, boutiques, etc.
Security and smart solutions
24/7 security and modern home management systems.
Green zones and modern ecological solutions
55 hectares of green area, 20,000 fruit trees, energy-saving solutions.
Administration and maintenance
Information centre and administration, provision of concierge, cleaning, nanny, gardener and other services.


  • Residential district No. 1
  • Residential district No. 2
  • Orchards
  • Urban center
  • Amphitheater
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Cigar bar
  • Coworking
  • Swimming pool & playground
  • Cafe & shop
  • Sports complex
  • Bike path
  • Medical center
  • Administration
  • Mortgage lending

    Starting from 13%
    The income tax refund law came into force.

    Terms of payment

    • 30% advance payment
    • 30% completion of reinforced concrete works
    • 30% completion of external works
    • 10% completion act


    Azat Reservoir Azat Reservoir
    The Azat reservoir is located...
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    Havuts Tar Monastery Havuts Tar Monastery
    The mediaeval architectural marvel of...
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    Azhdahak Azhdahak
    Azhdahak is the highest mountain...
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    Geghard monastery complex Geghard monastery complex
    Geghardavank is an early mediaeval...
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    Symphony of Stones Symphony of Stones
    “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt...
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    Contact us

    • Yerevan office
      41, 9 Marshal Baghramyan avenue
    • Residential complex
      Republic of Armenia, Kotayk region, enlarged Garni community, Goght village
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