Living in Goght Urban Valley means....

Living in Goght Urban Valley means....

On April 29 we hosted the representatives of public and private sectors, future potential buyers, people, who are interested in our project, and media representatives to celebrate the start of such an important and unique project in the charming nature of Goght.

Our investors shared their views and perspectives about the project and told about their inspiration to initiate Goght Urban Valley project.

The project team also presented its vision and introduced in detail the next steps to be taken for the successful implementation of the project.

The pleasant spring weather and the wonderful classical music of the string quartet made the presentation of the project even more enjoyable for our guests.

We are excited to observe that more and more people become interested in the concept of Goght Urban Valley. And it is quite clear and explicable, as being in the territory of Goght Urban Valley, people feel very strongly the benefits of a combination of picturesque nature and urban life.

Goght Urban Valley - your new lifestyle in harmony and peace.