Meeting friends among green alleys

Meeting friends among green alleys

On the 13th of April, the residents of our cosy little town gathered for a festive event dedicated to the presentation of the Goght Urban Valley project. This event was a bright and memorable step in the development of our community, where everyone had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of warmth, joy and sharing.

The event took place in a picturesque park surrounded by lush greenery and flowering gardens, creating the perfect setting for the presentation of the future homes. Guests were greeted by the hosts and organisers, while live music filled the air with joyful sounds.

The project presentation began with a welcome speech by the project director, who shared the inspiring idea of creating a cottage village where the main values are comfort, safety and proximity to nature. The guests were able to observe the process of creating the villas, see the results and ask questions  to the project team.

Special attention was paid to the future infrastructure of the village - parks, sports grounds, recreation areas, places for events and leisure activities for the whole family. You can appreciate the high quality of the building materials, the ecological thoughtfulness of the project and the opportunities for active living.

Like the weather on the day, the atmosphere at the event was warm and cheerful. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy tasty treats and the company of friends and neighbours.