Our investors

Our investors

Everything started with a beautiful dream…

This project is implemented by experienced businessmen who have successful, established businesses not only in Armenia, but also in Russia and Europe. In order to make this wonderful piece of their homeland accessible to many others, they initiated the project of Goght Urban Valley.

After long discussions, it has been decided to establish a settlement in this magnificent valley, which will bring into life the dream of many people –to live away from the city noise, traffic and polluted air, yet still in the city and with urban comfort.

Our investors, Movses Dzavaryan, Markos Gharibyan, Armen Dzavaryan and Hrayr Melkonyan, strongly believe in the realization of this dream and are greatly inspired by it.

Movses Dzavaryan ran the Rusal-Armenal plant, worked as a manager of the Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant, and established several prosperous businesses in Russia. Currently he owns a socially oriented business in Europe.

Markos Gharibyan established more than 100 hectares of orchards and built two hydroelectric power plants in his native village. Perhaps the most important of the business projects of the devoted patriot is the largest greenhouse economy based in the village of Goght, which is considered to be a new concept in the cultivation of roses.

Armen Dzavaryan is an experienced entrepreneur in the distribution sector, who is one of the founders of a leading Russian company. He has a number of successful projects in Armenia as well.

Hrayr Melkonyan managed the cargo terminal of "Zvartnots" International Airport, the financial service of CJSC "Rusal Armenal", invested in the sector of energy production and agriculture, and is also engaged in the export of Armenian goods to Russia and the USA.