Everything you need to know about the essence of lifestyle at Goght Urban Valley.

Everything you need to know about the essence of lifestyle at Goght Urban Valley.

In the scenic Kotayk region of Armenia, just 30 kilometers from Yerevan, a visionary project is taking shape: Goght Urban Valley, a contemporary countryside residential town. Movses Dzavaryan, an esteemed entrepreneur and an investor in this transformative venture, shared insights in an exclusive interview with Novosti-Armenia. He speaks about  the distinctiveness of Goght Urban Valley, where urban sophistication converges with eco-consciousness, seamlessly bridging the past and the future. Here, residents are promised not only comfortable living but also peace of mind. 


What factors contribute to the premium pricing of homes in Goght Urban Valley?

The pricing was determined by a blend of factors, notably:

- The high cost of construction in Armenia.

- Compliance with stringent construction regulations in a seismic zone like Armenia. Ensuring buildings meet earthquake resistance standards increases construction costs by at least 40-60%.

- Expenses related to land acquisition and infrastructure development (electricity, roads, water, etc.).

At the same time, the price per square meter for housing of similar class in Yerevan can range from $3000 to $4000, whereas in Goght, it's only $1200 to $1400 per square meter. We are just not used to the fact that suburban housing can cost as much as urban housing.


How far from the center of Yerevan is the Goght Urban Valley?

A 40 minute commute from home to work within Yerevan has become the norm. It will take you approximately the same amount of time to get from the city center to your countryside residence. However, unlike the residents of Yerevan, homeowners in Goght Urban Valley get unique opportunities, namely:

- Residing in an environmentally friendly region devoid of gas and dust. Compared to the capital, Goght Valley boasts excellent environmental conditions.

- Embracing a tranquil lifestyle free from urban noise, traffic congestion, and other negative aspects of city living.

- Reveling in approximately 320 days of sunshine annually, supported by extensive statistical data.

- Escaping the sweltering summer heat, which has intensified over the past decade in Yerevan, with an average temperature increase of 7 degrees Celsius.

- Engaging in outdoor activities, such as sports and exercise, amidst nature's splendor and fresh air.

Moreover, the Armenian government has sanctioned the renovation of the Jrvezh-Geyehard road, reducing travel time to Goght Urban Valley by at least 10 minutes and enhancing overall comfort.


Why buy a home in Goght Urban Valley rather than purchasing a rustic traditional home in the country?

Investing in a residence in Goght Valley offers a number of unique benefits, including:

- Natural beauty and privacy. Owning a home here means immersing yourself in breathtaking scenery of mountains, meadows, and forests, ensuring both privacy and tranquility.

- Ecological Purity: Our countryside residential community is nestled in an ecologically pristine area renowned for its unpolluted air and water, fostering a healthy living environment for all residents.

- Comprehensive Infrastructure and services. Goght Urban Valley provides a variety of recreational, sporting and cultural activities and infrastructure to ensure comfort and convenience of living. In particular, hospitals, stores, restaurants, sports complex and other services;

- investment potential. With the increasing popularity and allure of this region in Armenia, purchasing real estate here holds promising potential for profitable investment returns.

- cultural heritage. Goght is not only visually stunning but also steeped in rich cultural heritage, having once served as the summer retreat for Armenian kings.

By securing a residence in Goght Urban Valley, you gain access to an unparalleled blend of nature, ecological purity, robust infrastructure, investment prospects, and cultural richness. If you seek a lifestyle marked by both comfort and quality, then look no further—this is the destination for you.


Will families with children find Goght Urban Valley suitable for year-round living with the amenities they require?

Absolutely. We've curated an environment that caters to both adults and children, ensuring a nurturing upbringing for the younger generation. Our plans include the development of various institutions and services such as:

- Comprehensive educational facilities, focusing at the initial stages at preschool education. As the project progresses, we'll also address the need for high-quality secondary education. In the meantime, children can attend schools in Goght or neighbouring towns, offering education on par with many schools in Yerevan.

- Dedicated children's sports facilities.

- Extensive parks and green spaces, featuring squares, recreational areas, and playgrounds where families can enjoy outdoor activities amidst nature.

- A medical center to address healthcare needs.

- State-of-the-art sports and fitness centers for active recreation.

- Business infrastructure, including modern co-working spaces for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

By providing essential amenities for living, working, studying, and leisure, Goght Urban Valley emerges as an ideal destination for year-round family living.


Why are there limitations on the size of homes and the construction of tall fences?

Our extensive research indicates a shift away from large, sprawling houses. In today's society, there's a growing appreciation for more compact living spaces, with fewer individuals opting for suburban estates exceeding 200 square meters. We're committed to embracing Western trends and advise our buyers against extravagant constructions that come with exorbitant costs. Particularly as the expenses associated with maintaining a large home continue to rise, including significant property taxes, it's prudent to consider more modest dwelling sizes.

Regarding tall concrete fences, their absence fosters community spirit, enhances safety, and promotes respect for public spaces. Moreover, it contributes to a unified aesthetic and fosters trust among neighbours. Nevertheless, we prfioritize the privacy of Goght Urban Valley residents and take meticulous measures to safeguard it.


What will be the monthly utility fees?

The projected price per square meter is AMD 300. This fee includes:

- Implementation of a modern security system for the whole territory of the Estate.

- Maintenance of communal areas within the residential zone.

- Provision of lighting.

- Garbage collection and upkeep of the surrounding territory.

- Maintenance of roads, irrigation, sewerage systems, and more.


Will the area be gasified?

No, in today's context, reliance on gas presents significant risks in terms of cost and supply stability. Therefore, we propose eco-friendly and contemporary heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting technologies to homeowners, which are considerably more efficient in the medium term than gas.


Why are houses handed over to customers in an unfinished state, without repairs?

We value the uniqueness of each of our customers and respect their preferences regarding home renovations. However, our service team is available to assist in connecting customers with various service providers, ranging from design and renovation teams to furniture suppliers and landscaping services.